Our Privacy Policy

UCOMMUNE attaches great importance to protecting the user information. Before using all the products and services of UCOMMUNE, please carefully read and thoroughly understand this Privacy Policy. Once you choose to use them, it means you have recognized and accepted the existing content in this section and the content that may be updated at any time.

I. Collection of Information

1. Information You Provide to UCOMMUNE
In order to offer better user service to you, the system of UCOMMUNE will automatically store your registration information when you willingly select services or provide information, so please provide your detailed and accurate personal information in time when you register, and constantly update your registration information. All the originally typed information will be quoted as the registration information. Please don’t transfer or lend you account and password to others. If you find you account is illegally used by others, please inform UCOMMUNE of it immediately. On the internet, it is possible that your account and password are illegally used by others because of hacking or negligent keeping of the users, which has nothing to do with UCOMMUNE.

II. Information from Your Use of Products or Services

  1. Log Information: When you use the services of UCOMMUNE, such as visiting the website or APP Client, the server will automatically record some information, like your use of our services, IP address, URL of services you visit, type of browser and language you use, and the access date and time.
  2. Equipment Information: Some products and/or services contain the only application ID. When you install, activate, update or uninstall relevant services, or when these services regularly communicate with the server of UCOMMUNE (such as updating of software), the system will send this ID and information related to installation (such as type of the operating system and application version number) to UCOMMUNE. When you use UCOMMUNE’s software services with positioning function, the system will automatically process the positional information of relevant equipment, so that you can obtain relevant service without manually entering your geographic coordinates. To provide better services and experience improvement to different types of equipment, UCOMMUNE will record the hardware model, version number of the operating system, International Mobile Equipment Identification Number (IMEI) of your mobile phone and MAC address of network equipment of your mobile phone.
  3. Cookie, Anonymous Identifier and the like: The main function of cookie is to help you use the products and/or services on the website, and help the website to count the number of unique visitors. With cookie technology, UCOMMUNE can provide you with better personalized services and will allow you to set your specific service options. When you use the products or services of UCOMMUNE, cookie will be sent to your equipment. When you interacts with the services we provide to our partners (like ad and/or extension service, and the service function provided by UCOMMUNE that may display on other websites), we allow cookie or anonymous identifier to be sent to the server of UCOMMUNE. You may choose to refuse cookie through modifying the way of browser settings. If so, you may not be able to login or use the relevant services or functions of UCOMMUNE depending on cookie.
  4. The above data information is anonymously collected, and we will also encrypt the information to ensure the security of information.

III. Use of Information

  1. Through using the information collected, UCOMMUNE can provide you with personalized services. For example, it can present you with the search result or extension information result which is more closely related. The above information can also help UCOMMUNE improve its products or services and develop new products or services.
  2. UCOMMUNE will treat the information with a high-degree duty of diligence. Unless obtaining your authorization in advance or otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, it will not make the information public or provide the information to the third parties (except the affiliated companies of UCOMMUNE).
  3. UCOMMUNE may provide you with the services you require or display the content in which you may be interested together with its partners. If the information is necessary for this product/service, you should agree that UCOMMUNE can share the necessary information with its partners. Besides, UCOMMUNE will ask them to ensure the data security and not use the data for other purposes. In addition, UCOMMUNE will not provide or share the information with any unrelated third party.
  4. UCOMMUNE may gather the statistics about the product usage. At the same time, UCOMMUNE may share the statistical information with the public to show the overall trend of our services. And the statistical information will not contain any of your ID information.
  5. UCOMMUNE may disclose your information in the following cases: (1) after we obtain your authorization in advance; (2) when you are using the share function; (3) according to the requirements of laws, regulations and legal procedure or mandatory requirement of the government competent department; (4) for the purpose of academic research or public interest; (5) to safeguard the legal rights and interests of UCOMMUNE, such as searching, preventing and processing the issues related to fraud or security; (6) when the disclosure conforms to the stipulations of relevant service terms or usage agreement.

IV. Information Security

UCOMMUNE attaches great importance to the information security. UCOMMUNE has established a special team which has researched, developed and applied several security technologies and programs. Through these strict measures, UCOMMUNE tries to protect your information from unauthorized visit, use or disclosure.

V. Protection of Minors’ Information

UCOMMUNE attaches great importance to protecting the minors’ information. If you are under 18, you should obtain the consent of your parents or statutory guardian in advance before using the products and/or services of UCOMMUNE.

VI. Modification

UCOMMUNE will modify this Privacy Policy at any time, and will publish it at the eye-catchig position of the website. Attachment: Explanation of Terms

  1. Anonymous Identifier: Ananonymous Identifier usually is a random string, which is often used to identify some user equipment including specific mobile equipment, such as International Mobile Equipment Identification Number (IMEI) of the mobile phone and MAC address of network equipment of International Mobile Equipment Identification Number (IMEI) of the mobile phone.
  2. Cookie: Cookie is a mechanism supporting the server (or script) to store and retrieve information at the client, and through adding simple and continuous client status, it expands web-based client/server application. When returning HTTP object to the client, the server will send a status message, which is stored by the client. This status message will contain the effective URL range at such a status. Then, HTTP requests within this range initiated by the client will return the current value of this status message to the server from the client, and this status message is called cookie. If you have other questions and suggestions, please contact UCOMMUNE. UCOMMUNE will always be committed to fully protecting the user information and providing you with better experience and services.