Since setting up our first coworking space in 2017, Ucommune Singapore has continued to develop sophisticated and beautiful spaces to enhance members’ productivity, collaboration, and innovation. This stems from our passion for redesigning the traditional office workspace and our belief in connecting people and businesses to help them achieve more. In addition, with our strategically located offices, every workday becomes a great culmination of work, play & culture.

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As a coworking space provider, we aim to provide our members with flexible and dynamic workspaces and services in response to their diversified business needs, convenient and high-quality facilities for their people to learn and live, and an open and vibrant environment to connect, share, grow and succeed. Our roots have always been about providing the highest quality of service alongside offering the best workspace possible to our members and the expansive global network that our members can leverage on to unleash their potential and collectively create maximum value.


While actively building an economy of scale through soliciting investments, Ucommune advocates consumption-upgrading in line with the central government’s national economic development scheme. Offering integrated multi-functional services and modern office facilities, the Ucommune platform is comprised of over 1,000 service and facility providers from a broad range of sectors.
Ucommune provides one-stop services encompassing
Financial Advisory
Human Resources
Media Publishing
International Shared Medical Service Platform
Online Sports Travel Commerce
Intellectual Property Protection
Intelligent Hardware
Start-up Accelerator
Interior Design
Our mission is to cultivate a new working culture anchored in four pillars: ``Sharing, Innovation, Responsibility, and Success for all``.
Dr. Mao Daqing Founder

Ucommune Singapore Bugis Junction

230 Victoria Street, Level 15, Bugis Junction Towers, Singapore 188024contact@ucommune.com.sg